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Hinged Skylights

Skydoor Hinged Access Skylight

This skylight is a fully glazed, hinged skylight that is designed for day to day access to your roof space. It is the perfect solution for roof decks.
The Skydoor is controlled by an LED control switch that responds to one touch and press and hold requests. The skylight opens to almost 90 degrees and can stop at any point in between.

Skyhatch Roof Access Skylight

The Skyhatch is designed as a cost effective product to allow easy access to your roof for maintenance reasons.
The Skyhatch comes in both a manual and electric version.

Visionvent Vent Only Skylight

The Visionvent is designed to provide both natural daylight as well as ventaltion. There are three options available:
-Manually Operated
-Chain Actuated
-Electically Operated