Benefits of doing business with us...

Our Process and Products are Superior

Don't Let Your Project Be An Experiment!

Breadth of Systems

What does that mean?

Ital East Corp has the leading systems available for every budget, performance requirement and design intent.

Factory Installed European Glass

What does that mean?

No onsite glazing leading to faster installs leading to lower installation costs. Stronger warranties from leading worldwide glass companies like Pilkington and Guardian.

Low Iron European Glass

What does that mean?

Clearer glass with less tint and superior SHGC/thermal ratings.

Certified Factory Installation

What does that mean?

Certified installations by factory certified installers with labor warranties along with product warranties. NO finger pointing.

Design Meetings Prior to Purchase

What does that mean?

All aspects of your project are discussed and finalized prior to purchase. Attachment metals and water management are outlined and discussed as they directly impact how you will be finishing your windows and doors both interior and exterior. These are the details that make your project look special. Particularly in a “Zero Frame” environment. Will the floors flow thru the “Zero Frame”? Will we need an attached gutter system? We have these discussion.

Extra Large Sizing

What does that mean?

Ital East Corp can accommodate larger sizing demands than domestic glass manufacturers can support. We can give you that WOW factor when others cannot.

Proper Machinery Onsite for Installation

What does that mean?

Moving those large pieces requires specialized equipment and know how. Ital East Corp handles all logistics from Europe to your jobsite. We have the experience needed.

Service Program Available with In-house Parts

What does that mean?

Ital East Corp will service your installed product with parts from our in-house parts department. No long waits to get your products back up and running.

Dealer Support

What does that mean?

No matter where your project is Ital East Corp has a local representative to meet with you to discuss your project or to handle any issues that arise in a timely manner.