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Why are we the Best?

We Start With The Finish

Architects create a vision for their clients. That vision is made complete by the details that accent the projects features. Large expanses of glass with minimalistic frames play a large role in creating that vision. However, at Ital East Corp we focus on the details that bring that vision to life. From Zero Frame door products and unobstructed window wall views, to burying frames to almost disappear during installation, Ital East Corp understands modern design and by combining the most cutting edge products with detailed installation plans we give life to your vision.

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Our Design Process

It’s what separates us from our competitors!

Step 1
The Design

We receive the plan and take-off from one of our dealer partners

Step 2
The Research

Based on project specs and budget, we identify the perfect products and manufacturers to use

Step 3
The Plan

Dealer receives window schedule, thermal report and cross-sections of each unit

Step 4
The Meeting

A design meeting is scheduled where we dial in on finish details. This will also help us fine-tune our sizing

Step 5
The Sign Off

After sign off and deposit for “landed price” product goes to production and installation drawings begun

Step 6
The Visit

Project Manager schedules site visit for installation

Step 7
The Delivery

Product delivery and installation including all special equipment needed for oversized units

Step 8
The Inspection

Final walk through with inspection sign off

Step 9
The Finishing Touches

Fine-tune just prior to homeowner occupation

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